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Product Info

Gold Medal Sno-King Sno Kone Machine

Gold Medal Sno-King Sno Kone Machine

  • Manufacturer: Gold Medal Products Co.
  • Model Number: 1888

The Sno-King Snocone Machine is perfect for any fun event! It incorporates the Deluxe Sno-Konette safety feature - you must have one hand on the motor switch and the other pulls the pusher handle down to engage the spinning shaver head. This non-metallic construction will not “sweat” as much as any other shaver on the market. Easy to clean up and will last a lifetime. The Sno-King features an extra durable .25" thick cabinet. Snow Cone Supplies are sold separately

Rental Rates
  • Weekend

    *Requires additional $25 deposit.

Additional Supplies:

Flavor Syrup - $12/gallon makes approx. 50 servings

Flavor Pump - $5 each

Cups - $14 per sleeve of 200 cups