Equipment from Taylor Rental Center can help create a beautiful lawn, flower or vegetable garden, and/or revitalize your landscaping.

Many once-a-year lawn projects can be done quickly with rental equipment, and save your storage space, as well as maintenance and/or repair expenses. Create beautiful landscaping, lawn, flower or great vegetable gardens hassle-free with rental equipment.

Building equipment to expand your indoor or outdoor living space is available from Taylor Rental Center.

If your family is growing and you want to remodel or expand your present living space, or you want to put in a new deck or patio, see your Taylor Rental Center professoinal. No matter what size project, Taylor Rental Center has the tools and equipment, and professional advice - for the professional results you want.

Refinishing a wood floor requires planning, preparation, physical stamina and time. How much time depends whether your are applying a new finish or completely sanding and refinishing a vintage gem.

Select the right tools and accessories with assistance from trained Taylor Rental Center personnel, who will instruct you in the best operating methods for the equipment you rent.

Remove furniture, draperies and all decor items. Counter-sink all nailheads. Sweep the floor thoroughly. You're ready to begin!

Clean sewer pipes and drains quickly, conveniently and economically with proper plumbing equipment from your Taylor Rental Center.

If there are other plumbing projects within your capability, Taylor Rental Center has a complete inventory of plumbing tools and accessories: sump pumps, torches, pipe threaders and cutters, powered sewer augers, sewer rods and augers, tripod pipe vises and wrenches.

Taylor Rental Center can make moving easier! Rent the right size truck, furniture and piano dollies, furniture pads and/or towing equipment to move across town or across the country. Moving accessories, including boxes and packaging materials, are also available.